Imagine the following scenario:

There is a non-native English speaking student who is very talented in Physics and Mathematics but she/he is not talented for languages, speaking and expressing her/himself in English is very difficult for her/him. What will happen if the education is in English only? This person will never get anywhere despite her/him being so gifted in Physics and Mathematics because the English speaking elite does not accept her/him to express her/himself in the mother tongue. This would be a great loss of talent, a waste simply due to intolerance, arrogance and effective discrimination by an elite which is using the language (English) as a means to separate and exclude others from joining unless they accept the cultural dominance of English. Is this fair, is this how we want to conduct a future world?

In this context the articles listed to the right are discussing the subject from different angles. However, the aim of this website is not to argue against the use of English as a global lingua franca (for example, this website is written mainly in English in order to reach a wider audience), the aim is to argue for the use of local, minority and regional languages whenever possible, and the use of the lingua franca whenever necessary, one thing must not necessarily exclude the other.

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Two more extensive researches are also available in pdf-format:

In “A Case For Small And Endangerd Languages” the cultural importance and value of the world’s diversity of languages is discussed.

“The Lower Rhine And South Sleswick: Two Border Regions And Thier Relation To Their Neighbours And Minorities” is a comparative essay and assessment of why under similar circumstances there is a very active ethnic minority representation in South Sleswick consisting of Danes and Frisians while there is nothing comparable in the Lower Rhine area representing the Dutch speaking minority when Dutch was the official language there until 1815.

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10lower landscape near xanten

Lower Rhine landscape near Xanten


Holnis at the Flensborg Fjord in Sleswick-Holsten

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